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$98.45 ex. GST

Square Rubber Buffer crafted for enduring strength and resilience


Length: 150mm x 150mm
Bolt Centres: 127mm
Height: 65mm
Bolt Hole: 12mm

Crafted for Perfection

High performance rubber buffer specifically designed for Compaction equipment.

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Enhanced Performance and Unmatched Features.

Extend service life. Increase reliability. Improve safety.

Anti-vibration rubber buffers that are up to the challenge of tough Australian worksites.


  • Rubber that lasts 3x longer than standard rubber for reduced maintenance costs and downtime

  • Tear resistant; maximum force with less downtime and service delays. Superior to standard rubber which loses damping ability over time

  • The most innovative shock absorption system on the market. Withstands extreme extraction and force load improving performance and reducing equipment failures

Uncompromising Quality

Rubber: The same heavy-duty rubber as our rubber pads ensures quality.

Steel Plates: Electroplated and enamelled to prevent rust; while sandblasting ensures a strong bond with the rubber. Through high-temperature vulcanisation; the rubber and steel plates are pressurized to evenly stabilize the composition for optimal performance.

Mounting Holes: Made from reinforced steel the mounting holes are as strong as anything on the market.

Adhesive: Manufactured with a proven technique the steel plate will not peel off from the rubber during normal operation. We have a range that suits all budgets but doesn’t compromise on quality.

A Guarantee for Your Protection

We ensure our rubber products perform as intended and exceed expectations. Our warranties back it up. If your product falls short; our 12-month manufacturer’s warranty will put your mind at ease.

A Returns Policy for Your Peace of Mind

We understand that when things get busy or when machines break down sometimes you order replacement parts without measuring first and end up with the wrong part altogether. And if that happens; We’re Here For You.

Swift and Secure Shipping

We’re proud to be one of the only rubber parts suppliers in Australia to offer nationwide delivery to all corners of the country.

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