Rubber Pads

Bolt on Pads, Clip on pads and Chain on Pads

If you need rubber pads, we are the people to see. We supply pads to suit excavators and road profilers. We offer both a standard quality pad and top quality pads made from virgin rubber. 

Rubber pads these days contain a varying percentage of recycled rubber. This makes for cheaper production and therefore a cheaper sale price.

Depending on what surface you are working on, the cheaper pads with a percentage of recycled rubber can be quite satisfactory. This is why we still offer this type of pad at very competitive prices. We also however, offer a heavy duty pad. We are the Australian suppliers of the Everpad brand of virgin rubber pads, which are specifically designed for the more difficult surfaces such as railways, working with the ballast. No one else in Australia offers this level of quality. 

The virgin rubber has more flex and is therefore more resilient to cuts and tears, whereas pads containing recycled rubber wear quite quickly.

The Everpad virgin rubber pads are more expensive than the standard rubber pads, but our customers generally receive at the very least 2 - 3 times the life of the standard pads and therefore they work out very much cheaper in the long run. One of our customers boasted getting a whole 5 years from his set of pads when working on light and medium grade excavation work. 

You would never get that from pads with recycled rubber in them.

Feel free to call us and discuss which pad would be most suitable for your type of work. If you need the grouser plates (track shoes), we sell those too!